Thermal Insite, LLC boasts an incredible depth of knowledge in various industrial processes requiring the addition or removal of heat.  Our decades of applications experience allows us to be a leader in the field. We deal with businesses of all sorts, providing a variety of services to ensure the optimal performance and cost effective solutions for your heat processing needs.

Project Consulting and Implementation

The ability to look at the Big Picture is critcal in identifying the requirements of a process and a project.  Managing that project and timely implemention of those process changes is of paramount importance in bringing production on-line and up to speed to pay.  Thermal Insite has the expertise to provide the right solutions and strategies for your company.

Effectively communicating project and equipment needs is a manditory step on the path to creating a optimal and cost effective solution to the identified process challenge.  Thermal Insite speaks the same language as the vendors and contractors.  A well written specification is integral to the effort to obain the right solution.

Quote Review and Vendor Selection

With a wealth of experience as custom equipment vendors, the Thermal Insite team knows the how to decipher the nuanced differences between variours quotations, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of multiple offers, and recommend a vendor or contractor to build or install the required equipment.

Equipment Design & Design Review

The engineers at Thermal Insite are experts in airflow, capacity sizing and material handling.  The equipment need to function, and it needs to meet all applicable NFPA and OSHA requirements for compliance and safety.  The design review is usually the last change to make any modifications before the vendor starts racking up additional costs.

Crafting an Equipment Spec

Performance Assessment

Equipment Upgrades

Our technicians can assess your existing equipment to analyze airflow, temperature uniformity, exhaust rates and code compliance.  Using data loggers, thermal imaging cameras and amemometers, we can map the performance of your existing equipment and make recommendations for practical improvements.

Repair, retrofit or rebuild is often a cost effectve alternative to new equipment.  A retrofit usually saves time and money.  Our engineers will offer pragmatic comparisons on the choice between upgrading existing equipment of buying new.  The easiest way to make a dollar is to save one.